Pardon the dust... This site is under construction! Filled mostly with random stuff for now to practice code. This site seems to get a lot more traffic than I expected, probably because of the site name and/or content tags. Originally this was just a personal place to showcase my progress. Hopefully soon I'll get a chance to take this site seriously and make it worth your while!


Look... ABOUT TEST.\

This is a paragraph! Here's a neat link for singer-synth related things: VocaDB, a useful site.

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To make music I use FL Studio, Cubase (I hate it), CeVIO AI with IA AI and ONE and IA AI EN, Alter/Ego, MicroFreak hybrid synth, TR-8S drum machine, KP3 FX generator, DX21 FM synth (needs some repair). Might get a Prime GO this week for DJing...

I'm still learning. By the time I figure out how to upload audio I should have something done.

I'm also a DJ focusing on vocatrance, future funk, and other electronic musics. Find me on Cheers39 Twitch streams.

I made this image by finding a "hologram-ready" video on an old Chromebook, inverting the screen, and angling a clear flat tablet protective glass.

Miku has now entered our world!

Rhythm Games

For the longest time I was 1st in the south eastern United States for Groove Coaster. Unfortunately, defending my title was too difficult.

Rhythm Games list:

On an unrelated note, you can find me on the arcade leaderboards for Wangan Midnight (Mitsubishi Starion) and Initial D (Nissan 180SX).

Photography (later)

I use a Minolta X-370 SLR passed down through the family. A wonderful film camera with the right blend of auto and manual features.

Pics from a photo walk a few months ago, taken with expired slide film, color corrected (used to be super red):

ARENA Rankers:

GET HYPED for the sixth installment of:

A R M O R E D   C O R E

FROM SOFTWARE, after a decade of Soulsborne games, has finally returned to their roots with Armored Core VI: Fires of Rubicon.

It has been a whole 5 years since FROM said "soon" regarding the title. Even today, the game is still mostly shrouded in mystery.

Naturally, there is a lot of excitement. Model kits and games are 4-7 TIMES their normal market price, if you can even find any now.

I was lucky to get the games I did and the complete OST box.

Some fan theories of its style:

Personally I believe it's the second. In any case, a lot has changed for the company since ACVD released.

If the game is too much like Dark Souls, hardcore Armored Core fans might be disappointed.

On the other hand, if it is too much like previous AC titles, it may alienate recent FROMSOFT fans.

I'll be on ACVD every once in a while hoping to experience online play while I still can. Servers went from us 5/6 to like 20 overnight.

UPDATE Nov 8, 2023: That won't be happening for a while, since my PS3 Slim is suffering from a blackout. Going to diagnose it soon...

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